Resources Roundup: 2021 Conference Links

During the online conference presenters and participants shared these resources for those who want to dive deeper. Jump to: Candid Conversations; Lessons from the Journey.

From Candid Conversations in a Cultural Moment:

In their conversation about grappling with systemic injustice, Steve Moore and David Bailey spoke about the need to remember that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Steve referred to Aleksandr Sololzhenitsyn’s classic Harvard commencement address, in which he pointed out that the line of evil runs through every heart.

As David Bailey writes in his article, Reconciliation is Spiritual Formation, we can also struggle with immobility in the face of racial hierarchies in society, either because we feel we’re not responsible for the problem, or we’re paralyzed by the enormity of it. “The question is: How does one become a positive agent of change for a problem that is not just personal, but interpersonal, cultural, and structural?”

Participants listening to Steve and David’s conversation also shared these resources:

From Lessons from the Journey:

In her remarks, Dana Doll referred to an online school of prayer she attended, which is currently accepting people for a new online cohort. Peter Roebbelen read the lament he wrote, which you can find here. Helpful books include:

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