Resources Roundup: Empathy Webinar with Christy Vines

In advance of our discussion with Christy Vines about empathy, she sent some resources to enable us to dig into the topic ahead of time. These included, first, two workbooks published by Ideos on doing the work of racial justice:

Second were several articles exploring different aspects of empathy in philanthropy, justice, social change, and leadership:

Afterwards, Christy sent us some information for those interested in a deeper dive on the neuroscience data behind work on empathy. Here’s what she had to say: “In terms of the neuroscientific data around empathy, I encourage you to follow Penn State’s Empathy & Moral Psychology Lab which is doing some really interesting research around the practice and limits of empathy. I think this is very relevant to your work on pluralism, religious persecution and intolerance. The science is clear that our capacity to empathize with people we view as part of an “outgroup,” or as a result of the overwhelm that comes from mass atrocities or crises, is limited.”

Finally, in her talk Christy referred to the episode on empathy from the Invisibilia Podcast as a great resource for those wanting to understand empathy better.

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